Lisa Zimmer~ Emotional/Intuitive Educator~ Motivational Speaker - Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer~ Radio show
Dr. Wayne Dyer says: "This is the kind of programming we sorely need today. I endorse "Unlimited Realities". I have been a guest on this show and know how powerful it is."
Dr. Bernie Seigel says: " As a guest on Unlimited Realities, I can endorse the program for its professionalism, content, and sincerity."
Dr. Larry Dossey says:" Unlimited Realities provides incisive, valuable information about the human potentials in everyone.This program is a much needed service."
Barbara Marx Hubbard says: "Lisa is a brilliant, empathetic, and perceptive interviewer. She brings the person to life by the warmth and intelligence of her questions and responses.Her work is important to us all."
All work is Copyright@2011 by Lisa Zimmer
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