Lisa Zimmer
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Lisa Zimmer
"I want to dig deep, and when I hit water, I want to float on the waves it creates.."~Lisa Zimmer

Phone Sessions~ Intuitive Consultation

~Each individual session is unique , with many areas, concerns and questions answered without inquiry.

~For every problem , there are more than one way to resolve it, and in a session, the best approaches are discussed.

~For further insight into ventures or relationships, an accurate intuitive insight can help eliminate doubts , or validate awarenesses.

~All confidential sessions are scheduled by the hour or half hour.

~All appointments are scheduled via email, or through the link on site. 

~ Each session is unique and individual depending upon the client and connection.  

~Lisa ZIMMER'S following has grown primarily through word of mouth referral clientele,

that spans internationally since 1980,  where she has worked with a vast variety of people seeking insight in their life. 








Individual Coaching and Mentorship


~Goal setting and prioritizing allows for more simplicity and ease in your days

~ It allows life is able to flow more productively, where you can easily see how your accomplishments are paying off

 ~If life doesn't seem to have a flow, or a starting point toward growth, then it's time for a new focus and organized prioritizing. 

~When we know where we are heading, and for what reasons or desires, we have a greater clarity for the whole picture, the whole dynamic , building up to fruition.

~Focus, and prioritizing time management are two easy ways to manage dreams into reality

With realizing how to make dreams a reality, in addition to having your personal coach~me,

motivating and inspiring you with tools that effectively enhance personal or professional performance, you are on your way to seeing positive results.

Seminar Speaking




                  ~My intuitive awareness book , "Digging Deep~ Excavating your Intuition~" is a program for developing Emotional & Intuitive Intelligence ~

~In exploring our intuitive brain, an environment of exploration of the six senses are created, where we utilize our inherent gifts.

~We learn how to increase awareness through becoming more present of all of our sensory faculties, culminating in a heightened awareness and intuitive perception that continues to develop daily.

~We study symbology and signs as they show up in our waking state.

~We evaluate and learn to understand the language that the universe is speaking to us through, as well as understand the inherent dynamics within each and every one of us through our magnificent intuitive brain.

~We study dream patterns, mindless focus' and awarenesses that may at first appear not important.

~Within group settings or workplace motivation, intention is always evaluated first, to identify cumulative focus.

~What is the goal, or desired affect? productivity~employee relations~office politics harmonized~increase performance, perspective, optimism.