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"Everyone has intuition~it's simply a matter of trusting that inner voice.Trust yourself first."
       ~Lisa Zimmer as quoted in O , October 2011
Thank you for visiting~ My mission is to bridge the gap between Spirit connection and human awareness, combining both the analytic and intuitive brain hemispheres . My experience in aiding those to discover how to process, understand and interpret emotional and intuitive awareness has been successfully blessed , and going on three decades of teaching and working privately in individual client sessions.


Intuitive Consults~Contact me for scheduling your personal, private phone or in person Intuitive Session.

Individual Coaching~Or, if goal setting, prioritizing, stress relief, is in your thoughts , or any area you want to improve upon , schedule a coaching session , available on , in person or on phone. Here we look at where you want to be and where you presently are. Allowing for an organized approach to achieving dreams and desires. We easily eliminate blocks that you may not notice hindering your success.I devise a workable plan , individually suited for your lifestyle and choices, and work within a time table we agree upon together.

Afternoon Intensives~ F.E.E.L.~ is a program for developing Emotional & Intuitive Intelligence ~ Here an environment of exploration of the six senses are created as we utilize our inherent gifts. We learn how to interpret our insights, emotions, and intuitive knowing. You leave the afternoon with a heightened awareness that enables you to make decisions and choices based upon desire rather than habit.

Professional Coaching ~ I work within an organization or business to provide easy tools for advancement and productivity as well as .

Public Speaking Seminars available

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F.E.E.L.~ Foundation for Emotional and Intuitive Educational Learning
With emphasis upon emotional and intuitive awareness , I create an afternoon environment for those seeking to increase innate awareness, easily, and comfortably, in an intimate, gorgeous setting and sacred space on the Indian River Lagoon. We begin enticing senses, with an organic gourmet lunch designed to excite the taste buds , while ushering in a sensory awareness that is subtle and inherent. As we move from the taste sensation, we will move into the other five senses, while learning tools and techniques for stress relief, centering, balancing, connecting inward, understanding the language of intuition and how it speaks to you, and how to understand, define, interpret and work with emotional intelligence.
We are all intuitive, and  I encourage all of  my clients to tap into that wonderful wealth of information and knowing within their  heart and soul. I believe the combination of linking our physical body, spirit, and mind co-creates an awareness that enhances us as authentic souls living a soulful lifestyle. In that state of consciousness, we no longer live life as a rudderless ship, and are innately guided by a higher awareness. Trusting that often meek voice at first, empowers the individual to grow into their truth with ease and confidence; trusting their insight the more it is used and developed. In my intensives scheduled for an afternoon of discovery, these emotional and intuitive awarenesses are defined, explored and expanded upon. It is in our awareness and understanding of our personal power , that we begin to accept our strengths and weaknesses and work within a perspective of increasing awareness and development.
SCHEDULE YOUR INDIVIDUAL SESSION~ An Hour or half hour session is available by appointment. As always, I work individually with my clients. In a session ,we will explore areas of concern or interest.I do use both intuitive ability, along with guidance and coaching . I am now, also offering, Skype coaching sessions which are different than my intuitive consultations. You may fill out the Contact us sheet on this website to schedule either an Intuitive appointment or a Coaching session.; or you can email me directly to schedule your personal appointment at:

I utilize spiritual , intuitive, emotional and  psychological concepts  in my work with an individual.All sessions are confidential, and individual with the benefits of the client in mind.  My business continues to grow through a word of mouth referral clientele, that spans internationally , since 1982. I have worked with those seeking awareness or insight to those holding positions of great influence and responsibilities. The common thread is an awareness that thinks outside of the box.


My published writing has been used within numerous institutions for Guided Imagery Visualization, in moving through challenges, and obtaining more clarity within an individual purpose. I have completed one of three books, and blog on .My individual private sessions and skype coaching is available by appointment, and a weekly inspirational vlog is being developed for my Youtube channel~ May you know your blessings & may you be blessed abundantly ~
~ Lisa
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